From Fried and Frizzed to Fabulous

Take care of your hair this summer.

How do you like to spend your summer? If you plan to spend part of your summer vacation enjoying the outdoors, swimming at the pool, or playing at the beach, then listen up!

The sun, heat, chlorine, and saltwater can wreck havoc on your hair. Hair that was once shiny, strong, and silky can quickly become dull, brittle, frizzy, and fried if not protected and cared for. Read on to learn helpful tips to protect your hair from damage this summer.

Hair in the Sun

The warm weather may be calling your name, as picnics, ball games, and days at the lake are what summer is all about. While you know it’s important to shield your skin with sunscreen from the sun’s harmful rays, the heat and UV rays of the sun can also harm your hair. Heat breaks down hair’s protective protein, zaps its shine, makes it brittle, and oxidizes colored hair, ultimately leaving it faded and brassy. UV rays also cause color to fade and dry out the hair, making it more prone to frizz.

The best way to screen your hair from the sun and heat is to hide it under a wide-brimmed hat. You can go a step further by applying a UV filter hair care product to your hair before spending time in the sun. Available in sprays, creams, or gels, these products help protect your locks from damage and fading. Help your hair look its best in the hot, humid months of summer by also tossing on a few drops of frizz-fighting serum or oil.

Hair at the Pool

The chlorine and chemicals may keep pool water clear and clean, but they do a job on your hair, removing its natural protective oils and turning blonde or white hair a greenish tint.

How can you enjoy a cool pool this summer and still keep your hair looking its best? While lounging poolside, be sure to wear a hat. Then, before jumping in, wet your hair with clean water or apply a leave-in conditioner so it won’t be as likely to absorb the pool’s chemicals. After your swim, rinse or spray your hair with clean water to remove the chlorinated water. And use a clarifying shampoo once a week to wash away leftover chemical residue and do a deep-conditioning treatment on your locks.

Hair at the Beach

Saltwater is known to be good for your skin, but your hair is another story. Hair naturally contains water that keeps it supple and moisturized, but on top of sun damage, overexposure to the salt in sea water will also drain hair of its natural moisture, leaving it fried, dull, rough, and brittle.

At your next beach vacation, be sure to protect your hair with the proper steps. Wear a wide-brimmed hat to shade your hair, face, and shoulders from the sun. Then, prior to sun and saltwater exposure, wet your hair with fresh water and apply a leave-in conditioner or other hair protection product. Products available in spray form are easy to use off and on throughout the day. Just keep a bottle in your beach bag and reapply after each dip in the water. Following a day spent at the beach, rinse your hair with fresh water and shampoo as usual.



Allan Alguire

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