Time to Make Time

Could a hormonal imbalance be responsible for your weight gain?

One of the most common excuses for not exercising is lack of time. Between work, commuting, chores, taking care of the family, social events, and eating, you have little time left for sleep, let alone exercise. There’s no denying that life is busy and your calendar is full. You know exercise is good for you in so many ways, but it is often the first thing to take a back seat.

How can you find the time to make exercise a priority each day? Sometimes it’s not as much about finding the time as it is about making the time. While you can’t pull time out of thin air, you can rearrange your schedule and cut out the non-essentials. Chances are you’d be surprised at how much time you waste during the day or the ways you can multitask with exercise.

Ready to find the time in your day to make exercise a priority? Get started with these tips.

Reset the Alarm

Mornings are argued by some to be the best time of day to fit in a workout. By the end of the day you may feel too tired to go to the gym, but after a good night’s rest you should have plenty of energy to start the day off with exercise. Set the alarm half an hour or hour earlier than usual and make it your daily routine to fit in a workout before the day gets started. If you need encouragement, sleep in your workout clothes or plan to meet a friend. It’s a lot harder to hit snooze when your workout partner is waiting for you at the gym.

Take Advantage of Your Lunch Break

How do you typically spend your lunch break? Do you go out to eat, sit at your desk, or visit with friends in the break room? Your lunch hour is the perfect opportunity to fit in a few minutes of physical activity. Most people don’t take a whole hour to eat their food so why not go for a brisk walk before eating your lunch? Bring your walking shoes and ask a co-worker to join in as you get moving.

Combine Exercise and Family Time

Instead of letting exercise take priority over family time, why not incorporate the two into one? Everyone, no matter his or her age, can benefit from more physical activity, especially considering the increasing number of kids who are at risk for childhood obesity. Protect your kids from weight gain by exemplifying an active lifestyle and including them in your workouts. On your next family night instead of watching a movie or playing video games, go for a hike, ride bikes, go roller-skating, shoot hoops, throw the Frisbee, or jump in the pool.

A Little Goes a Long Way

Don’t set workout goals that are impossible to achieve. You may not be able to exercise an hour every day, but you can fit in half an hour or three 10-minute sessions. Take the stairs, do bodyweight exercise in your cubical, or park in the farthest spot. Every bit of exercise adds up toward your recommended amount of 30 minutes a day, five days a week.

When you do exercise, make your workouts count. Instead of walking an hour, why not do 20 minutes of high intensity interval training? With interval training you’ll burn more calories in less time and continue burning calories throughout the day. And when you’re working alongside your trainer, don’t loaf. Take advantage of the expertise at your disposal and work!



Allan Alguire

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