A Healthy Start

Begin each day with these habits for a better you.

What does your morning look like? Maybe you crawl out of bed, jump in the shower, throw on some clothes, and grab a bite to eat on your way out the door. Some people are morning people and wake up early enough to have a leisurely routine. Other people wait until the last possible minute to get up in order to make it to work on time. Whether you’re a morning person or not, there are things you can do each morning to improve your health and start the day on the right foot.

Read on to learn seven morning habits of healthy people.

Wake Up at the Same Time

Did you know it’s good for your body to wake up at the same time every day? Doing this allows your internal clock to get used to a routine. When you break that routine by sleeping in on the weekends, your sleep/wake cycle gets thrown off and you may have trouble sleeping at night. Even on the weekends, plan to wake up around the same time as during the week. After doing this for a week or two, you should enjoy improved mood and sleep.

Drink Water or Tea

Start your day with a big glass of water to rehydrate your body. A great way to jumpstart your metabolism for the day and flush out toxins, drinking plenty of water throughout the day is also an easy way to eat fewer calories.

Downing a cup of tea each morning is also a healthy habit. Green tea and black tea are rich in antioxidants that fight free radicals, reduce inflammation, and promote good health.

Stretch It Out

Cats and dogs have the right idea. Each morning they stretch, stretch, and then stretch a little more after waking up. Starting your day with stretches will get your blood flowing, loosen your muscles, improve your posture, relieve back pain, and help wake you up. Spend a few minutes to stretch each major muscle group—your chest, back, shoulders, arms, legs, and abs. Hold each stretch for about 20 seconds, stretching until you feel a gentle pull. And remember—stretching should never be painful.

Eat Breakfast

Many people skip breakfast because they don’t feel hungry, they don’t make time, or they’re trying to cut calories. However, there’s a reason that breakfast is considered the most important meal of the day. Without it you’re likely to feel sluggish and lack mental focus. You’re also more likely to eat more calories throughout the day than if you had eaten breakfast.

A healthy breakfast will include a source of protein and fiber. Great options include yogurt, oatmeal, fruit, whole-grain cereal or toast, smoothie, or eggs.

Go Outside

Sunshine and fresh air help your body wake up. Step outside each morning when the sun comes up and take a few deep breaths. You’ll feel awake and rejuvenated to start the day. If you live in a location where it’s dark in the morning or you wake up super early, it’s still beneficial to breath in some fresh air. To fight off the blues, get a light therapy lamp that gives off light similar to sunlight.


Many people find the morning to be the best time to fit in a workout. Half an hour of cardio or strength training before the day begins puts you in a healthy mindset for the rest of the day. Exercise makes you feel energized, strong, and fit to face the challenges of the day. It also allows you to continue burning calories while sitting at your desk.

Plan Your Day

Take a few minutes each morning to look ahead at what the day holds. Make a list of what you hope to accomplish. Prioritize your tasks and tackle the hard things first to get them out of the way. Once you’ve got your priorities written down, you’re ready to take on whatever the day has to offer.



Allan Alguire

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