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Too Much Too Soon

Pain along the front of your lower leg? You may have shin splints. Here’s what to do about them. Medial tibial stress syndrome (MTSS), also known as shin splints, is a relatively common condition for runners, dancers, tennis players, and inexperienced athletes. Most often caused by pushing yourself too hard too soon, the pain of […]


Exercise: Fact or Fiction?

Common misconceptions about exercise. It could be a workout technique you learned in elementary physical education class decades ago, a tip your co-worker said worked for him, or advice you read online for getting in shape. However, just because someone said it or because a lot of people believe it, doesn’t mean it’s true. Likewise, […]


The End of the Matter

Colorectal cancer is a leading cause of death. Take steps to reduce your risk. It’s not an area of the body that is pleasant to discuss. At the end of your digestive tract are your colon and rectum, which are responsible for removing water, salt, and nutrients from stool and storing it until it’s passed […]


Food Obsession

When food and weight control are all you think about. In the beginning it’s easy to hide. It’s done in secret, so no one knows your struggle. You barely eat, making the excuse you’re not hungry; you quietly head to the bathroom after a big meal and purge yourself; or when you’re alone you can’t […]


Be An Informed Patient

Make the most of your doctor’s visit. How many times have you gotten home from a doctor’s appointment and realized you forgot to ask an important question? Many people feel uncomfortable, flustered, or embarrassed about their state of health and end up omitting information, neglecting to ask the right questions, or forgetting what the doctor […]


Do Your Muscles a Favor

Include a warm up and cool down as part of your workout. Even though warming up and cooling down only add a few extra minutes to a workout, many people skip this part of exercise. They arrive at the gym, head straight for the treadmill, set their pace for an allotted amount of time, do […]


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