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Power Up with Protein

Eat a breakfast that fills, satisfies, and energizes you all morning long. How often do you find yourself with the midmorning munchies? Even on the days you sit down to eat breakfast your stomach starts to growl way before lunchtime. And it’s not just that you feel hungry, but you feel zapped of energy as […]


More Than Weight Loss

You may be surprised to learn these lesser-known benefits of exercise. Everyone knows exercise aids in weight loss and is good for your heart. Most people know it helps relieve stress and improves your mood. But there are a lot of benefits about exercise many people don’t yet realize, and by skipping their workout they’re […]


Time to Make Time

Could a hormonal imbalance be responsible for your weight gain? One of the most common excuses for not exercising is lack of time. Between work, commuting, chores, taking care of the family, social events, and eating, you have little time left for sleep, let alone exercise. There’s no denying that life is busy and your […]


Small Change, Big Difference

What happens when you lose five percent of your weight? You know obesity comes with great health risks, but are you willing to do the work it takes to lose weight? Even though you may be 25, 50, or 100 pounds overweight, you may be encouraged to know that losing just a small amount of […]


Is Yoga for You?

Many people practice yoga to improve their physical and mental health. Should you be one of them? You’ve heard of yoga and you’ve seen people doing the strange, static poses. Maybe you’re wondering what the big deal is about this ancient Buddhist system of meditation, postures, and breathing exercises. Today, millions of people use yoga […]


Exercise Myths and Misconceptions

What you believe about exercise affects how successful you’ll be at it, so don’t believe the lies A friend told you, you saw it in a movie, or you read it online. Wherever you get your information about exercise, make sure you check it against the facts. The underlying views you have about working out […]


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