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South Beach Diet: Yes or No?

Should you try this popular weight-loss program? There’s no doubt that you’ve heard of the South Beach Diet. Around since 2003 and created by cardiologist Arthur Agatston, the South Beach Diet is named after a beautiful beach in Miami. The question is, will this diet make your body bikini-worthy for this summer on the beach? […]


When You Gotta Go, You Gotta Go!

Causes and treatment for urinary incontinence. It’s not difficult to imagine the embarrassment and inconvenience of a condition like urinary incontinence (UI). Those whose bladder muscles are too weak must be prepared for leakage and accidents when they sneeze, cough, lift something heavy, or laugh, and those whose muscles are overly active deal with an […]


How Old Is Your Brain?

Tips to keep your mind young and healthy. Mental decline is a feared part of the aging process, but is it inevitable? It doesn’t have to be. With simple ways to boost your brainpower you can reduce the chance of memory loss. Besides eating a healthy diet that includes plenty of B vitamins, getting regular […]


Gym Lingo Decoded

The gym world has a language of its own. Are you fluent? Those new to weight lifting may feel like outsiders at the gym. As if the machines, fit bodies, and mirrored walls aren’t enough to intimidate you, it’s easy to feel out of the loop when it comes to the words and phrases you […]


Muscle Mania

Build muscle, build strength. For those wondering how to build muscle, wonder no longer. By following these simple guidelines you’ll tighten, tone, and increase your strength. And women, you don’t need worry about bulking up to man-size proportions. Strength training has that effect on males, but not on females. Contrary to what you may believe, […]


Is Less More?

Are three meals or six meals a day better for weight loss? For as long as you can remember, you’ve eaten breakfast in the morning, lunch around noon, dinner in the evening, and a snack or two somewhere in between. But you may have heard the advice to eat five or six small meals throughout […]


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