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Workout Smarts

Stay injury-free during exercise with these expert tips. All it takes is a sprained ankle, a pulled muscle, or a bit of knee pain to put you back where you started. The weight piles back on and your fitness gains are lost. While not all sports injuries can be avoided, there are ways to lessen […]


Say Goodbye to Cellulite

Get the smooth skin you want with these treatments Sometimes referred to as “cottage cheese” or “orange peel skin,” cellulite is the fat found beneath your skin that often looks lumpy as it pulls against the connective tissue and makes the skin pucker. Usually most noticeable on your thighs, hips, bottom, and belly, cellulite can […]


Diet the Cheap Way

Believe it or not, it’s possible to lose weight without breaking the bank. Membership fees, enrollment fees, meal plans, supplements, gluten-free, vegan, or organic foods—it’s no wonder diets can get so expensive. People on a tight budget may think they can’t lose weight because it costs too much. But that’s simply not true! In fact, […]


Fitness in Your 50s and Beyond

Five recommended exercises for people over 50. There’s no denying you’re getting older. It happens to everyone, and when you reach the age of 50, you’re entering a new phase of life. Things are slowing down, you don’t have the same energy you used to, and new wrinkles and gray hairs are appearing. If you […]


A Healthy Start

Begin each day with these habits for a better you. What does your morning look like? Maybe you crawl out of bed, jump in the shower, throw on some clothes, and grab a bite to eat on your way out the door. Some people are morning people and wake up early enough to have a […]


Getting a Tone-Up

What is muscle tone and how do you achieve it? If you’re spending time in the gym, it’s a good idea to have a goal in mind. For some, the mission is weight loss, better heart health, or stress management. For others it’s about getting toned and defined muscles. While men often desire to bulk […]


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