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Overweight, Underweight, or Just Right

Tools to help determine your ideal weight. You’re working hard to lose weight. Every morning you work out and all day long you try to eat a healthy diet. And it’s paying off. The scale is slowly moving in the right direction, your energy level is increasing, and your health is improving. You plan to […]


An Aspirin a Day

A small pill that packs a powerful punch The small, white pill we know as aspirin has been around for decades. Originating from salicylic acid, this nonnarcotic drug slows the body’s ability to clot blood and desensitizes the nerves responsible for sensing pain, making the pill useful for relieving headaches, body aches, inflammation, and fever, […]


Swimming With Sharks

How to avoid an attack. One of the ocean’s deadliest predators, sharks are responsible for a relatively small number of fatalities, and yet they cause a great deal of fear. It’s true that the reported number of shark attacks is increasing each year, but it’s not because the number of sharks or their aggressiveness are […]


Restaurant Food Put to the Test

Dieters beware when eating out. It’s true that restaurants are making an effort to include healthier, low-calorie options on their menus these days, giving dieters more choices. But the high-calorie, high-fat dishes are still there to tempt you, sometimes disguised to appear healthy. Can you tell the difference? And are you able to spot the […]


Stay Cool and Stay Safe

Pool and beach water safety tips for all ages. On a hot, summer day where do the crowds gather? Anywhere there’s cool water. The pool, lake, and beach provide the perfect setting for summer fun. They also provide opportunity for your worst possible nightmare. Drowning is the top cause of injury deaths in young children, […]


The Walking 8

Eight ways to get more out of your walk. You’ve heard it before and you’ll hear it for the rest of your life: Walking is good for your health. It aids in weight loss, decreases your stress levels, and is an exercise that just about anyone can do anywhere, any time. It’s simple, free, easy […]


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